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Explaining BikeBar;


If you use a fork or wheel mount roof rack product to transport your bike, you probably have questioned it’s stability at one point or another, maybe after you’ve had to swerve while driving, or hit a pothole on the road. But you probably don’t know how bad it actually can be during everyday driving. 


BikeBar is a lateral support system for your roof mounted bike rack. Compatible with any car, bike, and roof rack, BikeBar helps keep your bike safe and secure onboard your vehicle.


BikeBar attaches easily with simple straps and adjusts to proper length with a familiar seat post clamp. For maximum stability, BikeBar does need to strap to an object running parallel to the bike. for most car and rack set-ups, this is no problem as you will have roof rack rails or an additional bike rack to strap to. However, for those without this setup, we have an adapter for you! See the image below.



Need one? Send us a message and let us know! Every bit of interest we get will help us push this into large scale production. 

(the kickstarter is no longer live)

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